A pathology courier handling urgent medical samples

Keep track of samples from start to finish

Finally, labs have complete end-to-end visibility and traceability of pathology samples, from the point of collection, throughout transportation and arrival into the lab.

Digital automation that captures the movement of every sample, every time.

SampleHub empowers laboratories to effortlessly manage their workflow by providing visibility into sample logistics, enabling staff to plan their work proactively instead of reacting to the unknown incoming workload.


Whether at a hospital ward, a physician clinic, or at collection centres, instantly see how many samples are waiting and how many are in transit to the lab.


Using nothing more than a smart phone, couriers can seamlessly record when they've collected and delivered samples.

Complete traceability

At every step from collection to delivery, SampleHub records who handled the sample and where the last touchpoint occurred.


Seamlessly integrate pre-analytical data into your LIMS, saving unnecessary duplication of information at specimen reception.

Built for

A simple user interface designed to be used on smart phones and web browsers. No expensive software needed.

Dashboards created for you

Access critical information at a glance with dashboards that show real-time data and analytics across the network.

user access

Couriers and taxi drivers can access SampleHub without requiring user credentials, which negates password management for large teams.

No additional hardware

SampleHub uses web browsers and smart phones, eliminating the need to buy expensive hardware.

Stop losing samples

With in-built rules and alerts, SampleHub can notify you if a sample fails to arrive to the lab within a preset time.

Entirely cloud hosted solution

No handling of patient information

Easily deployed without involving IT

Make lost samples a thing of the past.

SampleHub gives laboratories instant access to real time data to track the pre-analytic sample journey. Proactive alerts notify the lab of a potentially lost sample, allowing for earlier intervention and saving you valuable time.

A laboratory technician using a mobile device to manage their workflows

Optimise without compromise.

We enhance pathology workflows through simple, yet powerful digital solutions, with minimal human and IT effort. Want to learn more? Reach out for a live demo and a chat with one of our experts.

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