Interoperability simplified

Conductor is a modern integration engine built specifically for diagnostic laboratories to simplify integrations and remove the pain of interfacing equipment, laboratory information systems, electronic medical record software and third party platforms such as HealthLink.

Don't be held back any longer. Unlock the power of interoperability in your laboratory today.

For too long, laboratories have been constrained by interfacing challenges caused by slow and tedious processes, IT vendors that act as blockers instead of enablers and complexities caused by incompatible messaging standards.

The integration engine labs have been waiting for.

Conductor is a modern, fresh integration engine developed specifically for diagnostic laboratories to exchange vital health information. Gone are the days of printing laboratory worksheets, faxing patient results and manually transcribing data from disparate sources.

Conductor enables labs to finally achieve seamless interoperability to regain control of their workflows.

An IT professional managing the server
interoperability simplified
Automate complexity

Conductor removes the pain out of setting up new interfaces and puts you in control to get you going faster.

Unlock digital transformation

Conductor is the foundation and bedrock of the digital transformation that you've been waiting for.

Plug & play

An out-of-the-box solution that allows you to create orchestrations in minutes to get your data flowing.

Flexible deployment

Conductor is a standalone web application that can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise.

Remove transcription error

Stop relying on manual processes that involve paper trails and finally end transcription errors.

Less IT

Let orchestrations do the heavy lifting for you, so you don’t need to design interfaces from scratch.

Standardised messaging

Conductor handles any acronym you can throw at it… HL7, FHIR, TCP, FTP, SQL, JSON, WTF…
well, almost any acronym.

Modern & fresh interface

Created during the pandemic by a team of hardcore developers, Conductor has a fresh, modern UI that makes it easy to learn and use.


Conductor offers dynamic monitoring of all orchestrations with real time alerts of any failures, enabling faster and easier troubleshooting.

Unlock the power of interoperability. Today.

Lab staff will love
Conductor because...

  • analysers and equipment can be interfaced in hours… not weeks.

  • ...simple changes to data workflows can be made without involving their IT teams.

  • ...they can get data flowing and finally remove manual workflows and transcription errors.

IT teams will love
Conductor because...

  • ...integrations are simplified and can be deployed faster than ever before.

  • ...format incompatibilities can be handled with ease allowing for simple information exchange.

  • ...orchestrations are flexible and transparent allowing easy identification of any issues.

At Labflow, we exist to digitise workflows for laboratories.

Conductor exists to simplify interfacing equipment and analysers into your LIMS, to connect pathology laboratories with external clinical platforms, to securely connect your lab with others outside of your network and to enable reporting to public health agencies. 

The integration engine you've been waiting for.

Optimise without compromise.

We enhance pathology workflows through simple, yet powerful digital solutions, with minimal human and IT effort. Want to learn more? Reach out for a live demo and a chat with one of our experts.

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