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Simplifying electronic orders

More than 'just' electronic pathology orders, SampleLink is a complete end-to-end solution to manage pathology orders, sample collections and specimen logistics. Built for clinicians, clinics and pathology labs to enhance compliance and integrate data handling.

Automate the process of electronic pathology orders and eliminate manual paper trails through seamless integration of pre- and post-analytical workflows.

For specimens from doctors and clinics...

Take control of the samples referred to you from doctors and clinics, with an integrated electronic ordering solution that manages orders, collections and logistics.

SampleLink has modular workflows that enable doctors to create electronic pathology orders, phlebotomists to collect and label specimens, and for couriers to manage pickups and deliveries.

By digitising these workflows, laboratories can seamlessly integrate sample and billing information into their existing LIMS to expedite workflows, minimise data entry and improve turnaround times.

SampleLink notifies your referring clients when specimens have been delivered to the lab, and instantly reports all completed pathology results without any manual intervention.

For managing send away tests ...

Save time by integrating your send away tests with your external reference lab network.

SampleLink establishes a direct integration between two laboratories using HL7 or FHIR to streamline referral of send away tests.

Receive instant notification when your sample has been received by the reference lab, removing the uncertainty surrounding delivery of specimens.

When testing is complete, the results and billing information are securely transmitted to minimise manual result entry and simplify billing.

Built for

Specific user interfaces built around specimen collection workflows for the doctor, the collector and the lab.

Complete integration

Integrate into your LIMS and practice management software for a complete end-to-end solution for sample management.

Complete traceability

A complete audit trail shows every sample touchpoint, from registration, collection, receipting and resulting.

Minimise data entry

Thanks to the seamless integration into your LIMS, you can finally minimise data entry.

No extra

Using nothing more than a web browser, SampleLink does not require deployment of specialty hardware.

Real time

Access data like never before and gain real time insights and business intelligence into your operation.

For doctors

Doctors can create electronic orders and finally stop hand writing pathology requests using paper.

For collectors

Phlebotomist workflows are digitised and enable primary tube labelling with customised patient barcodes.

For labs

Labs have full visibility of incoming workloads to allow for better resourcing and staff planning.

Finally, pathology labs can take control of their incoming work with real time insights.

For too long, diagnostic labs have been reactive to samples sent to them from external clients. SampleLink provides real time insights showing the number of incoming samples, grouped by test type or by referring client, allowing for precision planning of laboratory resources to minimise waste and maximise efficiency.

Optimise without compromise.

We enhance pathology workflows through simple, yet powerful digital solutions, with minimal human and IT effort. Want to learn more? Reach out for a live demo and a chat with one of our experts.

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