The smarter way to manage payments for pathology tests

Improve your cashflow today and say goodbye to chasing invoices forever. LabPay allows you to capture authorisations and make payments for out of pocket pathology tests at the point of collection.

Payments in <60 seconds.

Remove financial uncertainty.

No hardware required.

LabPay is a digital payment platform designed for pathology service providers to effortlessly obtain authorisations and payments from patients at the point of sample collection, eliminating the burden of following up on outstanding invoices.

Pain-free payments

Alleviate the burden of chasing payments by automatically tracking authorisations and payments at the point of sample collection.

Built for

At Labflow, we know pathology
and are committed to solving common pain points faced by pathology providers.


In <60 seconds, patients complete authorisations using their own smartphones, allowing pathology collectors to focus on what they do best.

hardware required

LabPay is a fully digital solution that does not require any hardware or EFTPOS terminals, enabling deployment anywhere… even at mobile collection centres.


Implement LabPay at any collection centre with minimal fuss. All you need is to display a QR code and let your patients take care of the rest.

user experience

LabPay has a simple user interface that allows patients to process their own information in <60 seconds, with instant communication via SMS and email.

Credit cards & digital wallets

Patients have the flexibility to pay with any major credit card or their preferred digital wallet, such as ApplePay or GooglePay.

Integration with billing software

LabPay integrates with common billing software platforms such as Xero, MYOB, Square and more. Custom integrations are available on request.

Payment security guaranteed

Our approach to cyber security means you have full access to processing payments without seeing the sensitive payment information.

See how LabPay works

Capture payments at sample collection

Remove pressure from collection centre staff

Stop chasing invoices and eliminate bad debt


The patient opens the payment portal at the collection centre using their own smartphone. Access is granted via a text message or via a QR code,


In <60 seconds, the patient inputs their personal details, and selects their nominated payment method - a credit card or digital wallet. Authorisation is instant with visual confirmation on-screen.


When the invoice amount is known, with just one click the payment is instantly released. No more chasing patients for payments.

Ever again.


When the payment is processed, the balance of the pre-authorised amount is instantly released to the patient without any fuss. Payment details are tokenised and securely stored in the cloud.


In the event that a refund is needed, this is instantly processed, removing the need for any offline or manual complex interactions by your accounts team.


You can finally have the financial security of instant payments delivered in a seamless solution that takes away the complexity, stress and burden of managing your payment workflows.

The smarter way to pay for pathology testing

Remove the administrative burden and get paid faster, by capturing payment information at the point of sample collection.

Save time today. Eliminate bad debt now.

Optimise without compromise.

We enhance pathology workflows through simple, yet powerful digital solutions, with minimal human and IT effort. Want to learn more? Reach out for a live demo and a chat with one of our experts.

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