Laboratories run smoother
with Labflow

Labflow is a modern, progressive all inclusive product suite designed specifically for pathology laboratories.

We are processing millions of pathology specimens annually.
Samples in 2022

Cloud-based platform for clinical use cases.

Labflow has been designed from the ground up to be the single, central, modular software solution that flexes and grows with every required case.

Molecular LIMS

Flexible workflow solution with modules providing complete coverage of the entire process.

Digital AP + AI

Complete digital solution for manually and automatically annotating microscope slides.

Genome mapping

Instantly run sequenced data through multiple databases and summarise in a shareable portal.

Pathologist directory

Directory of pathologists to provide remote, on-demand second opinion support.


Labflow helped scale up testing services during COVID-19.

We worked with Histopath to deploy our software to over 60 clinics and across 3 distributed laboratories to process up to 50% of the COVID-19 PCR tests in New South Wales (AU).

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A refreshing new way to work with a software provider.

Every laboratory is different, and our philosophy ensure you never compromise on your workflows and requirements due to software constraints.

Weekly check-ins

Meet weekly with a dedicated development team to add new features.

Weekly delivery

We push new versions of the platform 1-2 times per week, every week.

24/7 support

We respond within minutes to emergency issues and critical notices.

Reach out for a live demo and a chat.

We know choosing the right software provider for a laboratory is not straight forward. Let's chat and work out if the Labflow software and team is a good fit.

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